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WNY Premier Basketball Training was started to increase the level of basketball understanding, skill and play throughout Western New York.  We are very focused on the fundamentals of the game.  Too many coaches and trainers try to incorporate advanced moves and skills within their workouts without ever adequately emphasizing and teaching proper technique on basic basketball fundamentals and footwork.  Why ask an athlete to do a rep of 10 step back jump shots if they can not effectively execute a cross over dribble?  Why shoot 100 threes in a workout if the player has a pushing or throwing motion in the shot and can not fluidly get the ball to the rim through the legs?  Every player, including many in the NBA, needs to constantly hammer on the fundamentals of basketball.  The flash is added later, not before the process of growth has even begun.  Primary areas of focus include but are not limited to ball handling technique, footwork both with and without the ball, shooting form and mechanics, multiple strategies for attacking the basket, finishing moves, defensive positioning both on and off the ball, passing technique and execution, post play, elite guard play, team offensive and defensive concepts, drive and drift technique, floor spacing and responsibilities off the ball, shooting off the dribble, pick and roll strategies both offensive and defensive, using off ball screens and much more.


Workouts are held in an intense, private environment specifically designed to maximize learning, highlight and expose deficiencies and increase skill level in all aspects of the game.  Mental strength and toughness strategies, goal-setting and SAQ and plyometric exercises are often incorporated to increase athleticism, foot speed, quickness, agility and overall performance.  Drills are explained and demonstrated, repeated, corrected and repeated again until progression and efficiency have been attained.  We are only interested in purpose-filled training directly related to in-game situations and player improvement.  If you are looking for fluffy filler drills designed for show and entertainment, WNY Premier is probably not the place or you.  In an effort to maximize our time with the athlete and the money you spend, we go as hard as possible while respecting both age and ability level.  Because we have our own indoor, private facility and equipment including the Shootaway Gun (used by high schools, universities, and professional teams worldwide to improve shooting performance and accuracy), everything is scheduled based on your needs and availability.  You do not have to worry about scheduling around gym times, extra gym fees or getting to a workout at 5am.


At WNY Premier we are interested in helping any boy or girl, 8 or older, who wants to learn and work at his or her game.  We enjoy working with passionate, motivated players who wish to maximize their potential within the sport.  Training with us once a week, hardly touching a basketball in between sessions, and expecting to be the next high school or college sensation is unrealistic.   We expect and often demand that our athletes work on their game and specific skills until we see them next, and we can always tell who has and who hasn’t.  The dedicated players who take what is taught and consistently work at it see dramatic improvement.


  • Private 1 on 1 training: 1 hour of dedicated, intense training specifically created for the athlete involved and their skill set.  This level of training often leads to explosive growth and the athlete’s much deeper understanding of his or her strengths, weaknesses and deficiencies.
  • Semi-private small group training:  Built for 2-4 athletes, these sessions are one hour in length.  We cap the group at 4 to ensure each athlete gets enough individual attention and reps.  This is the same type of training NBA teams use to increase intensity, competition and game-like situations, while still hammering on individual skills and needs.
  • Large Group Training: Built for 6-10 athletes, these “mini-clinics” meet once a week, same day and time, for four weeks.  Each week a different skill (shooting, passing, rebounding etc), picked by the coaches, is highlighted in the first hour and worked on through a series of drills. The last half hour is spent in a controlled scrimmage environment focusing on that specific skill during play.
  • 30 Minute Shooting Skill Session: Using the in-house GUN, players learn proper shooting form, technique and maximize range all while shooting up to 500 shots in 30 minutes.
  • Team Training: Training is built around the needs and desires of the team’s coach and players, with the goal being improvement in both individual skills and collective group play.  High level professional drills as well as controlled scrimmages with stoppage of play are incorporated into practice to correct and teach in-game situations and strategies, both offensive and defensive.  Teams and players learn how to better work together within the confines of the coach’s systems to achieve cohesiveness and build a winning culture.