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About Darren Fenn

I am a retired professional basketball player interested in all aspects of player development and coaching. I have worked with and trained grammar school, high school, collegiate and professional players during 14 seasons professionally.  Competing in places like Belgium, France, Russia, Bosnia, Japan, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany and Romania has not only allowed me to see the world and experience different cultures and belief systems, but has also opened my eyes to many alternate views and styles on how to play and teach this game I love.

It has been my privilege to have spent over a decade of my life playing for and against some of the top coaching talent in Europe.  Each season I tried my best to take both mental and physical notes on personality traits, coaching styles, offensive and defensive plays and strategies, player development drills, team building concepts and player ego management.  I had no idea that it would not be my Biology Major, but rather my Psychology Minor which would be of so much service in my future career, shedding light on why players, coaches and teams tend to act the way they do.

My passion is basketball, so it was clear to me as my career found its conclusion, coaching and player development is my next step forward.  My family and I have been dedicated enough to make basketball my profession, and I’m now motivated to pass on my knowledge of the game to the next generation.

Personal Life and Interests

In the summer of 2003 I married my best friend and biggest supporter, Kimberly Cross.  We have had an amazing time traveling the world together while raising our two girls, Sydney aged 8 and Alexis aged 5.  Alexis was actually born in Germany, and Sydney became perfectly fluent in German during our time there.  Outside of playing, learning and teaching the game of basketball, my biggest joys in life are reading and spending time with my family.